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Wildman Humanist, Folkert de Jong

This blog’s Art of Tuesday feature will use the spotlighted artist’s name in the title rather than Art of Tuesday  — for clarity, the gods of good sense and yes, the internet’s SEO patrollers. ___________________________________________ Wildman Humanist, Folkert de Jong Folkert de Jong sculpts an unsettling humanity. Styrofoam is a frequent material, along with whatever else […]

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Art of Tuesday, 021416

Sophie Dickens, British Sculptor (all artworks shown here are from her website) Sophie Dickens has a sense of dynamics deep in her bones. The bodily mechanics of action and strength in her beasts, humans and mythological creatures you can feel in your own body, just looking, unmoving. Below you’ll find selections from her work starting with […]

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Allegory by Maskull Lasserre   (steel, wood, textile, industrial sewing machine)      via his website This arresting work by Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre is titled Allegory.  My left-leaning brain was sure it was an allegory of sweat-shop garment workers rising up in wrath.  Oops.  Lesson A in just how slippery the word allegory can get. To start […]

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