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A Thud & a Tra-la-la

  After two posts devoted to images of elephants we should now look at the ghastly fate of African elephants living today — but I can’t bring myself to give you a full report.  So this post will mirror the teeter-totter balances of our moral lives.   A look at some brutal facts and then a […]

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Big: Elephants Where They Don’t Belong part 2

  In this blogpost and the last we look at the lively presence of elephants in artwork — in lands where elephants have never roamed.  You probably know the tale of the five blind men and the elephant — they each feel the giant beast and conclude that an elephant is a rope, no, a […]

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Big: Elephants Where They Don’t Belong part 1

Babar the Elephant by Jean de Brunhoff (originally in French)     via Muse Reviews Elephants are big in non-native cultures like the United States, Europe,  Japan.  We have Babar, Dumbo and the massive mascot of the GOP.  Why elephants have thudded into our hearts more than hippos or camels I don’t know.  My next […]

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