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Poem for Your Eyes 02

  This is the second installment of my blog’s feature Poem for Your Eyes — images that make a certain sense together.  The first version is here.  You’ll find all image credits at the bottom of this page.  Hope your eyes enjoy wiggling through the warps. — 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 […]

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Slitscan for You

This is the third in a series about photography techniques that provide artistic distortions.  Dali re-constructed, a slitscan photo  by Duncan Creamer       via his Flickr page  I fell in love with this photograph and asked the artist where he took it, thinking a Chinese New Years parade.  Good thing I asked.  Duncan […]

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This is the second in a series about photography techniques that can provide artistic distortions. Slitscan photography and videography.  Artists are already at work in it.  Here is Slitscan Carnival by Carl Rosendahl with music by Ergo Phizmiz Those roller-coasters! Rosendahl’s slitscreening doesn’t happen in-camera.  He took the video at a carnival, then wrote post-processing […]

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Distortion As a Skill

Panning Peripheral Portrait of Linda by Andrew Davidhazy     via his website Look at this photograph and ask yourself, Could Picasso visualize such distortions in his head? Andrew Davidhazy  made this experimental photograph 20 years after the master painter died.  For me at least there’s deep satisfaction in the artistic warping of human form.  It tells […]

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