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A Gorgeous Inaugural Silk Scarf

Wiggle Room silk scarf by Sloan Nota

Wiggle Room, silk scarf by Sloan Nota. Printed by Print All Over Me

My new silk scarf came today and I’m one happy human.  Glorious color, true to the image above. Swashbuckling size, a lovely hand (feel) to the fabric, and so far the only one on Earth.  I designed it and I’ve been well served by Print All Over Me (PAOM), a Print On Demand (POD) service that is set to take off.  As a business and as a business model.

I’d been testing the waters with another POD service but PAOM offers the scale and brio that I’m most comfortable with. And silk proves the best substitute for my favorite medium, pixels.

Sloan Nota scarf & swimsuit

Two Print All Over Me templates featuring the same artwork, Three CLEs by Sloan Nota,


PAOM craves the new flamboyance — hip-hop inspired, bumptious, thrumming with visual energy. Here’s a sample outfit:

I’m wild about this new fashion but it belongs to today’s cohort.  My cohort trucked through beads-and-denim hippiedom. Tom Wolfe called us Beau Brummels and I suspect he’d dub today’s new gonzo stylers the same.

OK I get the look but I can’t wear that look to the grocery store.  Not all at once anyway.  Say one t-shirt at a time.

Print All Over me cotton tshirt.

My Mario Bros Tshirt from Print All Over Me .

However I can flaunt my hoary wisdom and pair the Mario Bros with a gold-toned silk jacket from my closet.  Tried it a few times. Packs a wallop.

Combine Tshirt + silk jacket

Mario Bros Tshirt plus arty crushed silk jacket from my closet.

It would be excellent if I could direct you to my PAOM store but their coders lag far behind the curve.  The website sucks. There’s a new version supposedly in the wings but  but but.  When that kink’s smoothed out and I have an organized store I will let out a shout that you will hear.


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