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The Art of Tuesday, 020916

Try to take in that over 7 billion minds are alive with you on Earth today. While you’re focused on your thing a Chinese fisherman focuses on his cormorant. He’s night fishing in a boat. Lanterns, reflections, birds — and fish. Among those 7 billion Homo sapiens (noteworthy symbolic skills) are some who have a need to speak with visuals. Artists. How many […]

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Amazing Grace

  My mother’s family was actively American.  Example: a few of us kept an Underground Railroad safe house for escaping slaves in the Civil War. I say a few because my then-teenaged great-grandmother helped her father hide escapees in the barn while her mother stayed in the house and refused. Heritage is tricky. This is a skimpy list, […]

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Nictating Language: Language That Winks

  I have long believed that a rich vocabulary could be used as code to imbue a risque glow in everyday text.  Nudge nudge.  I’ve maintained a database of unusual words — quite innocuous by themselves — that could be deployed in this manner. Above is a go at achieving the effect.  First I plucked […]


New York City Pleasures

  * Links to New York food and attractions are at the bottom of this post.  Leap ahead to access them. Detail of a dress in a Bergdorf Goodman window (full view below) New York.  Just what you want on your way to Penn Station — a taxi driver who’s timid and law-abiding.  But when […]

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