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America is Poised

  America is poised between just another sunny day and living forever with radioactive fallout. Blame it on the Confederacy that hadn’t the decency to admit defeat — tho their generals did. Their heroes. If we’d squashed out racism long ago it would be hard to stir up hate today. Without hate, no Trump. Well, […]

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Ceramics, Drifting Clouds

I was basking on a bench today while small clouds drifted slow as sun-softened cows across the sky. Because today I saw the clouds, the blue, I rejoice.  After my last blogpost, April 16, I went through a series of weeks of eye disease. Not much I need to say about the eyes, the treatments — except this.  My vision improved […]

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  Among the delights in viewing a firehose blast of images is that you get unexpected ahas.  Ever notice how common it is for one species to hitch a ride on top of another?  Rarely do any of the unticketed travelers face backwards, they know their direction.  Tree frog on titan beetle by Swedish photographer Nicolas […]


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