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  In the great Alabama Senate race of 2017 let it be known that nearly two-thirds of white women voted for alleged child molester Roy Moore. To our white womanly eternal shame. Emphasize eternal. On the up side, the Black vote was 98% female, 94% male. What a wallop! May a white woman be elated […]

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Low-Hanging-Fruit Basket – Men Assaulting Women

    “A congressman grinding against a staff member on the House floor, while sticking his tongue in her ear.” This description is from an OpEd in the New York Times, not from a steamy novel. This is from reality. And the staffer felt, a) wildly aroused, or b) licked and ground against and YUCK. […]

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Faux Holies

    The Faux Holies are out in droves nowadays. Not only Christians — Buddhists killing people?  But in America it’s the Christians who are the fauxiest.  They defend pedophilia like that was their God-given right. A god who condones child abuse ain’t worth spitting on. One Faux Holy got so worked up he declared […]

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Undressing for Our Attention

    Chicken Little was right. Chunks of solid blue have begun pelting down like enlarged raindrops. Some are big as Volkswagens. The world as we knew it has changed. Remember the Blue Meanies? No one ever told us they sauntered around in nice company with no clothes on. Which would be fine in a […]

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