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Undressing for Our Attention

    Chicken Little was right. Chunks of solid blue have begun pelting down like enlarged raindrops. Some are big as Volkswagens. The world as we knew it has changed. Remember the Blue Meanies? No one ever told us they sauntered around in nice company with no clothes on. Which would be fine in a […]

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Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee is the only one of he Jon Stewart fraternity — but Samantha Bee was in there — the Jon Stewart sorority? — well but Jon, Steven, Larry, John — so what’s Samantha Bee doing in there? Contrast! Of course. Women can count…. to one.  Couldn’t have women outnumber the guys. The show would […]

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A Child in Bed

A child is sure monsters are under her bed. Or in the closet. She’s young, the frights of the adult world are disconcerting. Makes perfect sense, monsters. How many ears they have is up to you. How many tentacles. Green? To counteract, to serve as amulet may be a cat, a blankie, a fuzzy toy. […]

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Surgery, pt 3

  I’d asked my surgeon whether I should cancel appointments in the two weeks after surgery. He’d ordered an overnight hospital stay. Just wait and see he said. I waited and spent seven nights in a neurosurgery ward. Was I surprised? I was. Don’t get me wrong, I like my surgeon. But I think he’s […]

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