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Coming changes humanity must cope with one way or t’other.

Buildings Lighted Green

Buildings around the world lighted in green. What does the ego that stomped the US out of the Paris Accords make of all the greening-up? Or Mr-Heartbeat-from-Being-President who says lefties are making a ruckus out of a molehill. There is such a vast territory of knowledge that this man has not a clue about, to […]

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Happy Winterfest Dear Humans!

[youtube][/youtube] It’s hard not to smile as three robo-reindeer prance smartly ahead of this sleigh.  A few fluffy antlers waggle, heads are proud and high. The delicate mechanizations of their legs mimic nimble antelopes more than legs of stodgy reindeer, but I’ll believe Prancer and Dancer and Vixen. Imagine the clatter of little hooves on the roof. I’m […]

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My Big Fat Global July 4th

  What could be more American than Fourth of July on Cape Cod?  Let me tell you. Start with four old friends and an Iranian teenager.  One guy, four females.  Among us is one ex-pat who’s lived decades in Spain.  (She prefers the term ‘gone native’ to ‘ex-pat’.)  One is an American long married to an […]

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The Cure for Greed

The international Human Genome Project took less than 20 years from first funding proposal to its announced completion. Now the United States and the European Union are each hoping to map the human brain — as I understand it a la Google Maps, satellite view down through neighborhood shots, which cars in which driveways, who […]

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