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My Big Fat Global July 4th

  What could be more American than Fourth of July on Cape Cod?  Let me tell you. Start with four old friends and an Iranian teenager.  One guy, four females.  Among us is one ex-pat who’s lived decades in Spain.  (She prefers the term ‘gone native’ to ‘ex-pat’.)  One is an American long married to an […]

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Stone Tools & New Tools

The first stone tools were made by animals 1.1 million years before those animals evolved to be early humans.  They could well have looked like this reconstruction of an Australopithecus.  Distinctly not human but a possible author of clever stone implements. The Lake Turkana story is that archaeologists in Kenya took a wrong turn and ended up somewhere they’d never […]

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The Cure for Greed

The international Human Genome Project took less than 20 years from first funding proposal to its announced completion. Now the United States and the European Union are each hoping to map the human brain — as I understand it a la Google Maps, satellite view down through neighborhood shots, which cars in which driveways, who […]

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Four Golden Hats

  Golden hats (or Gold hats) (German: Goldhüte, singular: Goldhut) are a very specific and rare type of archaeological artifact from Bronze Age Europe. So far, four such objects are known.  The objects are made of thin sheet gold and were attached externally to long conical and brimmed headdresses which were probably made of some […]

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