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Happy Winterfest Dear Humans!

[youtube][/youtube] It’s hard not to smile as three robo-reindeer prance smartly ahead of this sleigh.  A few fluffy antlers waggle, heads are proud and high. The delicate mechanizations of their legs mimic nimble antelopes more than legs of stodgy reindeer, but I’ll believe Prancer and Dancer and Vixen. Imagine the clatter of little hooves on the roof. I’m […]

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Human Tide Runs with Scissors

Let’s define our terms — scissors refers to a common cutting device that the ancient Egyptians purportedly used.  Runs with scissors is a modern expression meaning impetuous, rash.  (Build walking talking robots? Sure. Artificial life? We’re working on it. Clone a sheep? Resurrect a mammoth? Frack Oklahoma? Colonize Mars?)  The Human Tide is that great splash of settlement and […]

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Computer-Assisted Fashionistas

Iris van Herpen fashion creation based on a high-speed camera photo of buckets of water tossed on a model In the high-wattage world of couture, outlandish has rarely been a barrier to success.  So it’s not a stretch that today’s new players include architects and materials designers.  Not fabrics, materials. The incredible possibilities afforded by these […]

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Computationally Speaking

  Three views of Fire Series [0352], computational origami by Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine            via – Since the word computation harks back to the 1400s you might reason that the modern efflorescence of “computational” arts and sciences was based in mathematical calculations.  Half right.  Other half is the extra-human capacity of […]

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