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Telling the Truth in Art

  I’d like to ask the great Margie Hendricks and the great Ray Charles to give voice to this statue. ___________________________ For me that’s “Telling the truth in art.”  Not the words, the voices — they give it what they’ve  got.  Of Margie Hendricks, Ray Charles once said, “Aretha, Gladys, Etta James—these gals are all bad, but […]

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Infographic Misdemeanor

  This infographic in Scientific American gnawed at me until I went back to study it.  I ask you to look too.  It’s divided into four equal parts in which a circle is centered and an oval superimposed on that. Why four parts instead of three?  The information is separated into Not Territorial, Coastal Resources, Terrestrial African […]

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Jewelry Raw & Cooked

If you show people two objects and ask which is a bing and which a bong they can often agree.  Theories have been spun to explain this but I prefer to believe they’re all inadequate and I dismiss them.  My last post I Can’t Get There from Here spoke to the same dilemma: that an essential part of human beings knows […]

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Stone Tools & New Tools

The first stone tools were made by animals 1.1 million years before those animals evolved to be early humans.  They could well have looked like this reconstruction of an Australopithecus.  Distinctly not human but a possible author of clever stone implements. The Lake Turkana story is that archaeologists in Kenya took a wrong turn and ended up somewhere they’d never […]

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