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After They’ve Seen Pareeee

Tonight I fly off to live a long-held dream — to live a month in Paris, France. The apartment is rented, the list of succulent places is set, even my bags are packed. OK, so I’ll wear another set of clothes on the airplane, that zipped zipper on my suitcase will not be breached till I’m solidly in France. Twenty […]

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The Art of Tuesday, 020916

Try to take in that over 7 billion minds are alive with you on Earth today. While you’re focused on your thing a Chinese fisherman focuses on his cormorant. He’s night fishing in a boat. Lanterns, reflections, birds — and fish. Among those 7 billion Homo sapiens (noteworthy symbolic skills) are some who have a need to speak with visuals. Artists. How many […]

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Deep Pattern

    Look at these four Jeff Koons sculptures.  What do you see?   The more attention you pay the more specific you can be.  Size, color, shape, configuration…  Oddly, the first thing I see is in the diagram below these. clockwise from top: •   New Shelton Wet/Dry Doubledecker, by Jeff Koons     via Museum […]

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