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Infographic Misdemeanor

  This infographic in Scientific American gnawed at me until I went back to study it.  I ask you to look too.  It’s divided into four equal parts in which a circle is centered and an oval superimposed on that. Why four parts instead of three?  The information is separated into Not Territorial, Coastal Resources, Terrestrial African […]

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Mother Nature’s Spheres

For simplicity: a sphere.  No angles to count or measure degrees of, no corners to snag a hem on, just center-point, radii, surface, volume.  Subtract one dimension and you have a circle — center, radius, circumference.  Both forms roll.  Polygons will roll erratically then come to rest on one side.  A true sphere could roll on an infinite plane […]

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Human Tide Runs with Scissors

Let’s define our terms — scissors refers to a common cutting device that the ancient Egyptians purportedly used.  Runs with scissors is a modern expression meaning impetuous, rash.  (Build walking talking robots? Sure. Artificial life? We’re working on it. Clone a sheep? Resurrect a mammoth? Frack Oklahoma? Colonize Mars?)  The Human Tide is that great splash of settlement and […]

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Children in Interesting Times

I grew up in an educated household that did not believe in space aliens. Period.  What were we, idiots? Yet now you and I live in a time of serious and costly scientific searches for beings somewhere else in the universe. Of course we are, how anthropocentric we were back then! Vanity. Law of averages. Great big infinite […]

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