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Art or Heartbreak of Tuesday

I’ve just received a heart-rending book of photographs.  It’s by Nick Brandt who has photographed and worked tirelessly with his Big Life Foundation with the wild elephants, lions and other dramatic fauna of Africa.  Inherit the Dust  positions examples of his righteous animal photography in views of African locations suffering Anthropocene conditions now. Above, we see the beloved matriarch Qumquat where she and […]

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Touch me

  Tie a knot, write a list, whittle a flute, twirl spaghetti round your fork.  If you have paws, hooves, wings these maneuvers aren’t in your skill set.  Nor are rope, words, knives, or pasta flour. The human hand is perhaps as important in our species’ evolution as our big and highly convoluted brain. By various measures an elephant’s […]

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All of Us Together

How do you relate to something that isn’t there, but was? Two people close to me have died within the last 2 months after struggling mightily for life.  Five years, ten years, outliving the red demons within for as long as they could possibly do. After WT died I saw him going up an airport escalator. […]

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Cecil the Lion in Humanity’s Eye

Every seed is awakened and so is all animal life. It is through this mysterious power that we too have our being and we therefore yield to our animal neighbors the same right as ourselves, to inhabit this land.             Sitting Bull                 via […]

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