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Jewelry Raw & Cooked

If you show people two objects and ask which is a bing and which a bong they can often agree.  Theories have been spun to explain this but I prefer to believe they’re all inadequate and I dismiss them.  My last post I Can’t Get There from Here spoke to the same dilemma: that an essential part of human beings knows […]

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Four Golden Hats

  Golden hats (or Gold hats) (German: Goldhüte, singular: Goldhut) are a very specific and rare type of archaeological artifact from Bronze Age Europe. So far, four such objects are known.  The objects are made of thin sheet gold and were attached externally to long conical and brimmed headdresses which were probably made of some […]

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A Gorgeous Inaugural Silk Scarf

My new silk scarf came today and I’m one happy human.  Glorious color, true to the image above. Swashbuckling size, a lovely hand (feel) to the fabric, and so far the only one on Earth.  I designed it and I’ve been well served by Print All Over Me (PAOM), a Print On Demand (POD) service that […]

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Questioning the Screw-Head In the Leg

Rijksmuseum Looking at this admirable security device from the 1600s I’m questioning why a screw-head on one leg, a rosette on the other?  So I look up the reference. Nothing about the screw but way more than I’d imagined about the vaguely mail-boxy looking plaque. James Bond and Q could admire it. How common it is for us to […]

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