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Art or Heartbreak of Tuesday

I’ve just received a heart-rending book of photographs.  It’s by Nick Brandt who has photographed and worked tirelessly with his Big Life Foundation with the wild elephants, lions and other dramatic fauna of Africa.  Inherit the Dust  positions examples of his righteous animal photography in views of African locations suffering Anthropocene conditions now. Above, we see the beloved matriarch Qumquat where she and […]

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Wildman Humanist, Folkert de Jong

This blog’s Art of Tuesday feature will use the spotlighted artist’s name in the title rather than Art of Tuesday  — for clarity, the gods of good sense and yes, the internet’s SEO patrollers. ___________________________________________ Wildman Humanist, Folkert de Jong Folkert de Jong sculpts an unsettling humanity. Styrofoam is a frequent material, along with whatever else […]

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Happy Winterfest Dear Humans!

It’s hard not to smile as three robo-reindeer prance smartly ahead of this sleigh.  A few fluffy antlers waggle, heads are proud and high. The delicate mechanizations of their legs mimic nimble antelopes more than legs of stodgy reindeer, but I’ll believe Prancer and Dancer and Vixen. Imagine the clatter of little hooves on the roof. I’m grateful […]

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How to Use Hate

It’s a curiously human emotion, hate. We seem to have it in our genes, no one’s exempt. Dogs, cats, turkeys don’t hate anonymous dogs, cats, poultry.  But hate is the beating heart of demagoguery.  They want to activate it in you, knowing that  hate is one spot where we’re vulnerable. And once they grab you by your hate they’ll wring you like […]

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