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Poem for Your Eyes

  There’s a kind of art that might be called focus knob aesthetics. You know it on a microscope?  You’re looking at the merest smear of liquid on a slide — and the focus knob can zoom you from one reality to another — as you observe the anatomy of cells ranging from nearest the […]

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A Dragon and Two Birds

Images from CG Textures A dragon and two birds, a haphazard choice.  Or say the images attracted me so I used them.  This isn’t science, it’s art.  And every artist grows a way of working as unique as the whorls on their fingers. I’m driven to combine images — it scratches where I itch. (Monet […]

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Kristallnacht Folk

  Kristallnacht by Sloan Nota Some eggs take a long while to hatch.  This post has required the incubation of a Stegosaurus egg. My reason includes the painter Edvard Munch, the Boston bombings, and something about why I’m an artist. Munch is famous for creating The Scream and somewhat less known for his paintings of […]

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Quick heads-up on free textures

CG Textures, an endless compendium of images, is just now processing a new batch of animal and bird photographs.  Glorious!  If you don’t already have an account, sign up — you can download up to 15 MB free daily.  Or pay yearly and get up to 100 MB daily, plus the ability to download their […]

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