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Everything Between 2D and 3D

I discovered both myself and my art while making impromptu collages. Paper, x-acto and glue, books and magazines. Excellent images on paper more beautiful than newsprint. Later I moved on to photomosaics — images from my camera butted up in a tight grid. The grid form pushed me to create images which flowed across the grid lines and stole your attention from them. […]

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I Can’t Get There from Here

Thinking about that which cannot be thought about.  The emerald stashed in the heart of a Japanese temari ball — you’re delighted by the expert working of threads but it’s just a tchotchke.  Think of a hairy barbarian’s embarrassment if his mates caught him with a toy amongst his loot. Only you know the emerald’s inside and maybe the […]

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A Gorgeous Inaugural Silk Scarf

My new silk scarf came today and I’m one happy human.  Glorious color, true to the image above. Swashbuckling size, a lovely hand (feel) to the fabric, and so far the only one on Earth.  I designed it and I’ve been well served by Print All Over Me (PAOM), a Print On Demand (POD) service that […]

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Mighty Lak’ a Rose

  A Francis Meilland rose It would be appropriate to levitate softly after sniffing a Francis Meilland hybrid tea rose.  No bold gestures for this subtle bloom please.  You get a hint in this photo of the elegant coloration — seemingly a very pale pink, but in close-up rich tones warm up its many curvaceous shadows.  Change your […]

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