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An Eyeful

Just because I love this. Dear readers – Some of you know that I carry two diseases of the retinas.  Usually I can move quite briskly through the day but not in the past few weeks.  For a while I couldn’t read even the biggest font — yesterday I began piecing together words in a […]

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Art or Heartbreak of Tuesday

I’ve just received a heart-rending book of photographs.  It’s by Nick Brandt who has photographed and worked tirelessly with his Big Life Foundation with the wild elephants, lions and other dramatic fauna of Africa.  Inherit the Dust  positions examples of his righteous animal photography in views of African locations suffering Anthropocene conditions now. Above, we see the beloved matriarch Qumquat where she and […]

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Art of Tuesday, Paintless Color Play

After last week’s post about liquid colored light I’ve wondered if you could mix them and how they might be used in art.  Piped through a mesh of glass tubing? Trapped in chambers left inside glass objects? In clothing dyes — once the materials are less toxic. Here are some coloring strategies you can’t source at an […]

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Beauty of Tuesday – Liquid Light

I’ve been out of town for a week enjoying Florida wildlife and palmy views.  Today’s blog focuses on beauty rather than art — an article this month in Nature Magazine about nanolights has made my eyeballs grin. The nanolight revolution — virus-sized particles that fluoresce in every color  My first reaction is art material! but more practical types […]

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