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Anti Randomness

  I’m a firm believer that if you toss a handful of pick-up-sticks — or an armload of giftwrap rolls — in the middle of a gallery and call it art, it’s not. We can argue whether the result is aesthetically pleasing, but not whether it’s a work of art. It’s blatant Day Glo reverse pretension. Nothin’ to it folks, leave your email […]

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Jewelry Raw & Cooked

If you show people two objects and ask which is a bing and which a bong they can often agree.  Theories have been spun to explain this but I prefer to believe they’re all inadequate and I dismiss them.  My last post I Can’t Get There from Here spoke to the same dilemma: that an essential part of human beings knows […]

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Gaea Art

Antaeus is the bloody human-killing giant from Greek mythology, son of Poseidon and Gaea, or of the Seas and the Earth. He was indefatigably strong as long as he remained in contact with the ground (his mother earth), but once lifted into the air he became as weak as other men.           […]

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Xu Bing, the Real Thing

    Xu Bing’s Phoenix is worth seeing with your own eyes.  Mass has been instilled with grace, a legendary Chinese bird carries a message about China today, a playful artwork is dead serious. It’s installed at Mass MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts through October 27.  Read more about Xu Bing and see more images in my […]

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