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Anti Randomness

  I’m a firm believer that if you toss a handful of pick-up-sticks — or an armload of giftwrap rolls — in the middle of a gallery and call it art, it’s not. We can argue whether the result is aesthetically pleasing, but not whether it’s a work of art. It’s blatant Day Glo reverse pretension. Nothin’ to it folks, leave your email […]

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Art of Tuesday, 022216

  Once you see the ceramic hybrids of Gerard Ferrari, they may wander in the back of your mind for weeks. He promiscuously combines beastie elements (web feet, tail) with mechanical elements (gas pump nozzle artillery muzzle). Ferrari’s Machine Age forms stand their ground assertively. Zoomorphic and not, harbingers of a transhuman future, possibly transduck. I suspect he’s […]

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Art of Tuesday, 021416

Sophie Dickens, British Sculptor (all artworks shown here are from her website) Sophie Dickens has a sense of dynamics deep in her bones. The bodily mechanics of action and strength in her beasts, humans and mythological creatures you can feel in your own body, just looking, unmoving. Below you’ll find selections from her work starting with […]

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The Art of Tuesday, 020916

Try to take in that over 7 billion minds are alive with you on Earth today. While you’re focused on your thing a Chinese fisherman focuses on his cormorant. He’s night fishing in a boat. Lanterns, reflections, birds — and fish. Among those 7 billion Homo sapiens (noteworthy symbolic skills) are some who have a need to speak with visuals. Artists. How many […]

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