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I Don’t Know Where I Was for Five Years

  I don’t know where I was for five years. Sure, I know where I was, Barcelona. Bilbao, Paris for a month, and a lot of time at home. I didn’t have a diagnosis yet but towards the end I was afraid to go to the grocery for fear I’d lose my balance, grab a […]

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Choice Rebecca Solnits

  Rebecca Solnit: Whose Story (and Country) Is This? I am again profoundly admiring, jealous, changed by the incisive writing of Rebecca Solnit. From the one essay (above) I quote only a few of her everting-of-the-mind observations. …white Protestant men, some of whom are apparently dismayed to find out that there is going to be, […]

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      Do you ever notice how few intellectuals visit gun mayhem on churches? Funny isn’t it? Even though their members score unusually high for atheism. Or how few scholars train assault rifles on strangers who have done them no bit of harm? Shooters — in their confused little dinosaur brains they may even […]

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The White-Haired Grizzle of Patriarchy

I propose that in the 21st century patriarchy has run out of effectiveness. Half of humanity is capable of pretty much what the other half is, but law and custom do not iallow it. Think of the progress we could be making. Physics, medicine, soap-box derbies. Yet instead of making the rational choice to get […]

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